European Research Network on Second and Third Victims

The aim of this EU supported COST action is to facilitate discussion and share scientific knowledge, perspectives, and best practices concerning adverse events in healthcare institutions to implement joint efforts to support second victims and to introduce an open dialogue among stakeholders about the consequences of this phenomenon based on a cross-national collaboration that integrates different disciplines and approaches. For all of this, this network is linked with patient safety issues and the impact on the direct and/or indirectly involved healthcare professional.

Other international teams working on this topic are:

Institute for Health Care Improvement
An independent not-for profit-organization based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, IHI focuses on motivating and building the will for change; identifying and testing new models of care in partnership with both patients and health care professionals; and ensuring the broadest possible adoption of best practices and effective innovations.

Important publication:
Conway J, Federico F, Stewart K, Campbell MJ. Respectful Management of Serious Clinical Adverse Events (Second Edition). IHI Innovation Series white paper. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Institute for Healthcare Improvement; 2011.

Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health is dedicated to the education of a diverse group of research scientists and public health professionals, a process inseparably linked to the discovery and application of new knowledge, and through these activities, to the improvement of health and prevention of disease and disability around the world.

Medically Induced Trauma Support Services (MITSS), Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in June of 2002 whose mission is “To Support Healing and Restore Hope” to patients, families, and clinicians who have been affected by an adverse medical event.

forYou-team – University of Missouri
Operational since 2007, the forYOU Team is sponsored by University of Missouri Health System (MUHS) under the direction of the Office of Clinical Effectiveness (OCE) to support second victims within our health system network. The forYOU Team provides a form of ‘emotional first aid’ specifically designed to provide crisis support and stress management interventions.

Department of Health Sciences – University of York
The core philosophy of the Department is that its teaching and research programmes should improve health and healthcare through the development of rigorous research evidence and its application in policy and practice. The Department is multidisciplinary, involving clinicians from a range of health professions including medicine, nursing and midwifery alongside disciplines such as statistics, health economics, health services research, psychology, sociology and epidemiology.

Massachusetts Alliance for Communication and Resolution following Medical Injury – the CARe model
An approach to adverse outcomes is DA&O, which stands for “Disclosure, Apology and Offer” and refers to a program used at several health care organizations throughout the US as a way to provide open and honest communication with patients and families after adverse events, in addition to financial compensation in cases where patients were harmed because the standard of care was not met. In Massachusetts, DA&O is also called “CARe” – Communication, Apology, and Resolution. The CARe model promotes an institutional response to unanticipated clinical outcomes.

Research on Burnout and Work Engagement (Idewe)
In opdracht van de Federale Overheidsdienst Volksgezondheid Veiligheid van de Voedselketen en Leefmilieu en de Federale Overheidsdienst Werkgelegenheid, Arbeid en Sociaal Overleg zal een groep van experts van de KU Leuven in samenwerking met Groep IDEWE een grootschalig multicentrisch onderzoek voeren in een representatieve steekproef van Vlaamse, Waalse en Brusselse ziekenhuizen. De doelstelling van dit onderzoeksproject is een zicht te krijgen op de grootte van het burnout risico bij artsen en verpleegkundigen, de factoren die tot burnout kunnen leiden en de gevolgen die hieraan verbonden kunnen zijn.