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Main KU Leuven Research Group

Prof. Dr. Kris Vanhaecht (coordinator)
E-mail: kris.vanhaecht@kuleuven.be
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Kris Vanhaecht is senior researcher fellow at the KU Leuven School of Public Health and secretary general of the » European Pathway Association. He has a nursing background, holds a master in medical-social sciences (KU Leuven) and a PhD in Public Health (KU Leuven, 2007). He became IHI Improvement Advisor in 2012. He nowadays teaches Quality Management in Healthcare at the KU Leuven and is the Faculty leader of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School Chapter. Kris coordinates the Second Victim research line at KU Leuven.

Dr. Deborah Seys
E-mail: deborah.seys@kuleuven.be
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Deborah Seys is research assistant at the Center for Health Services and Nursing Research. She obtained a bachelor degree in medical laboratory technology at KHBO in 2007. After her bachelor studies she worked as a lab technician in the Laboratory of Molecular Cell Biology at the KU Leuven. In 2011 she obtained her master degree in Management and Policy in Health Care at the KU Leuven. She made a masterthesis on second victims in health care and obtained a PhD on care pathways in 2017.

Other involved researchers

Other KU Leuven researchers that have already been involved in this research line:
Martin Euwema, Stefaan Claes, Lode Godderis, Walter Sermeus, Luk Bruyneel, Ellen Coeckelberghs, Bianca Cox.

And all this work was not possible without the PhD Study of Eva Van Gerven, who is now sharing her expertise with her colleagues at the Fire Department of the city and harbour of Antwerp.

Other researchers that have already been involved in this research line:
Massimiliano Panella, Gerda Zeeman, Loes Schouten, Marc Van de Velde, Coppens Steve, Albert Wu, Susan Scott, James Conway, Arthur Vleugels, Louis van Slambrouck, Randy Verschueren, Kristof Nijs, Jolien Martens, Kristof Nijs, Gorik Kaesemans, Margot Cloet, Kris Van den Broeck, Olivia Cools, Andy De Witte, Koen Lowet, Johan Hellings, Johan Bilsen, Gilbert Lemmens.